The Catcher in the Rye


This week’s Tape on Book is Catcher in the Rye. Everyone’s favorite adolescent misanthrop reminisces about a pre-breakdown excursion to NYC filled with red hunting hats, cigarettes, broken records, nuns, and ducks.

Check out the mix here.

“If you really want to hear about it…”: I Had To Tell You – 13th Floor Elevators

Pencey Prep: David Watts – The Kinks
Losing the fencing equipment, preppies scoring with your favorite gal, and underachievement. You’re right, Holden. High School was horrible.

Dorm Room: I Just Want to Have Something to Do – The Ramones
Who doesn’t?

Phonies: I Don’t Want to Grow Up – Tom Waits
Every adult in CitR was a bit weird, unpredictable, and off-putting, even if they were (mostly) well meaning. I love that English teachers have continued to use Salinger for years to fuel their students’ cynicism.

New York City: City Sidewalks – Maffitt and Davies
NYC seems like a terrible place to go if you are lonely and depressed. But on the flip side, it seems like the perfect city in which to have a good freakout.

Girls: Stupid Girl – Rolling Stones / Brilliant Boy – The Rentals
Really, the Stones’ album Aftermath can act alone as a soundtrack for the book, but apparently there are still three people who don’t like the Rolling Stones. For you folks, The Rentals will have to do.

Sunny and Maurice: We Can Talk – The Band
Could have been another classic “let’s just talk, okay, prostitute with a heart of gold” scene, until she gets her pimp to clock you and steals your money.

Sally Hayes: Girlfren – Jonathan Richman / Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste – Galaxie 500
Innocence, longing, loss of innocence, then heartbreak…Jonathan provides the entire cycle of gut-wrenching teenage romance. Ugh.

Central Park: Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon and Garfunkel
Both this song and the book manage to capture the greyness, chill, and bitterness of the season. And please try and stop worrying about the ducks.

Natural History Museum: Museum – Donovan
I think we all would like to be frozen in time once in awhile.

Going Home: Misunderstood – Wilco
It’s tough when you realize that alienation and avoiding reality isn’t going to stop aging, pain, and death. Wilco, do you have any thoughts on this topic?

Carousel/Sister: Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel – Townes Van Zandt
When I first heard this song, I was sure TVZ wrote it about the carousel scene…He didn’t.

“Don’t ever tell anybody anything…”: Place to Be – Nick Drake
Much like this song, I can never decide whether the ending at the hospital is happy or sad. I suppose that is exactly as it should be.


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